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We provide a full catalog of sandblasting equipment.  From benchtop cabinets to large industrial size blast cabinets we have a cabinet for your projects.  Most importantly, we make it affordable and we do not sacrifice quality.  Finally, along with our blast cabinets, we carry dust collection equipment, sandblaster parts, and abrasive media.

January Featured Cabinet – Model 4826

  • 5, 14, or 25 CFM Available
  • 48″ wide x 26″ deep
  • Fully Assembled
  • Full Top Opening & Side Door
  • Includes Dust Collector
  • Just $1413 + Freight

Looking for a Bargain?

We have just a few E-100 bench tops left. On sale for $275+Shipping while supplies last. Normally $329.

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Our main menu also has much more to offer.  Our BLOG offers ideas and suggestions and our documentation section has our user manuals and troubleshooting techniques.  We build custom sandblast cabinet and dust collector work too.  We would love to work with you, if you can’t find something call or email us and we will help.


Proudly Made in the USA – Dowagiac, Michigan

Affordable High-Quality Sandblasting Equipment and Supplies.  

The Best Sandblast Cabinets for the Money

Cheap cabinets are out there but not here.  Often, cheap cabinets are imported and require your time for assembly.  We manufacture our equipment in Dowagiac, Michigan – USA.  And, our cabinets arrive fully assembled.  Welded steel construction, solid doors, and a powder coat finish.  And don’t forget flexible and powerful sandblasting gun systems.  Blast gun configurations vary on use and one size does not always fit.  Our pencil/wand and our pistol grip systems are pedal operated.  Additionally, we offer trigger operated guns as well.  We offer some advice on these options in this article.

Why Choose Cyclone?

Welded Steel, Fully Assembled, NO LEAKS!
Made in the USA | Dowagiac, Michigan
High Quality Equipment, Affordable Pricing

High Quality & Affordable Abrasive & Media Blast Cabinets

The Best Sandblast Cabinets

Cyclone has 40+ years of industry experience and knowledge.  Above all, we deliver powerful high-quality abrasive sand blasting equipment and supplies.  Most importantly, we make it budget friendly.  Everything that leaves our facility must pass a tough quality inspection.  All this is done by members of our local community.  We take great pride in labeling our equipment Made in the USA.  As a result you get the best sandblasting cabinets, supplies and equipment Made in the USA at affordable prices.

Sandblasting Cabinets & Service

As you search for the best sandblasting cabinet for sale, search no further.  Versatile cabinet tops and side doors, comfortable gloves, great lighting, and big view windows are a few more of our great features.  Also, our equipment is easy to use and maintain.

Above all else, you get the best sandblasters and supplies at affordable pricing.  Finally, we’re here for you.  Our team knows our equipment and how it can help achieve your goals.  Call our email us with any questions you may have.

Fully Assembled Sand Blast Cabinets

Why is this so important? First, if you search for blast cabinets and read reviews, you will come across entries talking about bolts.  Many blast cabinet are inexpensive.  Please make sure to read the details.  Cheaper cabinets will likely require you to assemble the cabinet.


Bolt on legs and bolt together blast chambers make a unit unsteady.  Most noteworthy, bolts introduce possible media leaks.  To avoid these problems, we weld our cabinets to make them sturdy.  And this process ensures that our cabinets won’t leak.  Above all else, you get your blast cabinet in one piece.  As a result, you connect the air, add media, and get to work right away.

We cover many of our blast cabinets in detail on our YouTube channel.  You can also see us unbox them.  In fact, we also demonstrate how effective our sandblasting machines are against rusty metal, glass, wood, and much more.

What type of sandblasting equipment are you looking for?

What are Abrasive Sand blasting Cabinets?

Abrasive blasting and sandblasting refer to the same process.  However, a cabinet is just a chamber.  The chamber contains the powerful stream of abrasive media.  The abrasive media determines whether you are “sand” blasting, “bead” blasting, or “shot” blasting. To sum it up further, please read our article.  Above all else, never use sand in your sandblaster.  Silicosis is a very real danger.  Cyclone provides alternative abrasive media to sand.

California Proposition 65

We make our blast cabinets from steel.  Proposition 65 concerns the element nickel in steel.  Although, almost all steel products contain some nickel.  As a result, Nickel is a listed as substance on the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.  Therefore, throughout our site and on our products we include such a warning.  Additional information about proposition 65 is found here.

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