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What is a sand blaster?

A sandblaster is a very useful tool for removing debris, such as rust, from a surface.  Sand blasters are amazing tools and when used properly make quick work of removing unwanted debris from a surface.  In addition to removing debris, a sandblaster can engrave glass, carve wood, remove unwanted material from a surface, and prepare surfaces for painting and etching.  The list is too long to completely review.  When you are looking to buy a good sand blaster, we want to earn your business.  Cyclone sandblasters are made in the USA, fully assembled, and most importantly are affordable.

Sand Blaster Cabinet Considerations

What are you going to sandblast?

If you’re looking to buy a good sandblaster for the money, we can help.  You should start with understanding what you are going to blast.  The size and shape of the part(s) is very important.  Additionally, size is important from the dimensions of the part as well as the weight.  For instance, a heavy part may require two people to lift into the sandblaster. Even if you’re lifting a heavy piece by yourself, you only want to lift it as high as needed to get it into the cabinet.  We will cover blast cabinet tops.


Model FT-6035 Blast Cabinet Shown

Our E100 series benchtop sandblasters are perfect for smaller parts.

Sand Blaster Cabinet for Sale

If you are shopping for a sandblaster, let us earn your business.  A Cyclone sandblaster is an affordable high quality option for any commercial environment or a home user.  We construct our large abrasive blast cabinets from 16 gauge steel and our legs are 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ thick angle iron.  These sandblast machines are built to last and take on whatever project you have.  Our cabinet are welded and seams sealed prior to powder coating.  This produces a sturdy, fully assembled, blast cabinet that looks as good as it blasts.  As a result you get a solid, stable cabinet that will not leak.

Benchtop Sandblast Cabinets

Some sandblaster applications do not require a big cabinet.  Our E100 series answers the call for tabletop blast cabinet users.  Make no mistake, however, that these benchtop sandblasters still bring big power.  They are manufactured in the USA from thick rotary spun polyethylene.  This is key for a few reasons.  First, it arrives fully assembled.  No bolts.  Just unbox and get to work.  Second, a seamless structure with no bolts means it won’t leak.  Some cabinets arrive in pieces and you have to bolt it together.  That takes time away from your work and opens the door for leaks.

Sandblast Cabinet Openings

When it comes to a blast cabinet, the size and openings may be the biggest consideration in your purchase.  If you always have small parts or large parts it may be easy.  But if you expect to blast a variety of sizes it may be tougher to make a decision.  A blast cabinet may have a flip top, a full opening top, or no top opening at all. Typically we include a side door on each cabinet as well.  Many of our cabinets have two side doors.

Sandblasting Cabinet Options

The type of cabinet openings depends on what you plan on blasting.  First, below, is the HD4836 sandblaster cabinet.  It features a front opening door with gas assisted springs.  As a result, it is extremely easy to load parts up and onto the turntable inside.  Additionally, the gas shocks make opening and closing much easier than without.  Next, the DWS-6035 sandblaster shows a full top opening cabinet.  In this arrangement, the entire lid opens.  This configuration still is easy to load parts into and out of.  Our full top opening cabinets also feature side doors.  This improves access to parts in and out of the cabinet.  Finally we look at the DW-7335 sand blast cabinet.  This unit’s top does not open.  Instead installed two very large doors for access.

Abrasive Sand Blaster Systems

A good sandblaster should deliver a blast stream that meets the need of your project.  Cyclone sandblast cabinets are configurable to meet your needs.  Trigger, foot pedal, wand/pencil sand blaster guns are available options with our sandblasters.  A variety of sandblaster nozzles are available as well.  Ceramic, steel, and tungsten carbide are popular nozzle materials.  Finally, a dedicated review of sandblaster guns is available on our site here.

Affordable Sand Blasters

Our abrasive sandblasters are engineered to last.  We don’t take shortcuts and our equipment works as described.  Powerful and reliable.  Engineered with the end user in mind.  This means you spend less and get more.  Solid doors and tops.  Easy to setup, use and maintain.  Browse our full catalog of sandblasters and see for yourself.  Call us or email us if we can be of assistance!