Abrasive Equipment Distributors

Abrasive Equipment Distributors

Distributors Benefits

We partner with distributors and provide high quality abrasive sandblasting equipment.  Our  abrasive blast equipment distributor equation is simple.  Cyclone provides high quality equipment.  Our quality is a result of our manufacturing, welding, and painting.  Therefore, our quality produces reliable equipment for customers.  Reliable products are easier to use for customers.  Reliability builds confidence in our brand.  This confidence offers the opportunity for repeat business.  And finally, if or when something does go wrong you can count on us.  Our team can troubleshoot technical issues and beyond.

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Many tout made in the USA.  We can show you who manufactures our equipment, paints it, and supports it.  Entirely from Dowagaic, Michigan our small team of professionals delivers high quality abrasive equipment proudly bearing the motto “Made in the USA”.  As a result your customers can count on a solid product that is backed by the support of local members of our own community.

Web or Print Catalog Ready

We have a complete inventory of images and content that are web catalog and print ready.  Let us know what you need, and in what format, and we can provide it, making it easy to integrate with an existing web site.

Resale Discounts

This abrasive market is competitive.  Products all claiming high-quality and long lasting.  We do offer those characteristics too.  Sometimes it all comes down to the cost of the investment.  Cyclone offers a very compelling and competitive distributor discount program.

Repeat Business Opportunities

An abrasive sandblasting cabinet or dust collector offers the opportunity for repeat business.  For example, abrasive media is necessary for any abrasive cabinet to do its job.  Next, investing in high quality equipment will still require ongoing maintenance.  Cyclone provides a complete catalog of upgrades, replacement parts, and abrasive media.

Complete Line of Equipment and Accessories

Whether an abrasive sandblasting nozzle or a length of dust collector hose.  We carry a complete line of parts and accessories.  Our catalog includes safety equipment, blast cabinet windows, and much more.

Parts Shipments Daily

Our equipment is produced under our roof.  As a result, our parts and accessories are always in stock.  This means that when your customer needs a piece or part, we can get it to them overnight if necessary.

Short Lead Times

If you’re looking for an abrasive sandblast equipment partner make sure they can deliver.  Above all else, make sure they can deliver on time!  Cyclone produces high quality equipment and has short lead times too.  Our operations has continued to improve over 40+ years.  As a result, we deliver high quality equipment with shorter lead times than the competition.

Drop Ship Options

If you have a customer and want us to ship it direct – we can do that too!  We can provide a shipping quote from our web site, over email, or over the phone.  Just let us know who, where, and when they need it.  Then, we’ll do the rest.

No Minimum Order Requirements

Cyclone Distributors – Make it Easy and Affordable

Additional Distributor Summary


The fact is when you need help you want a person to talk to.  As a result, we do not have any elaborate phone system.  Thus, when the phone rings on our end, we answer the call.  Similarly, when it comes to emailing us be confident it reaches a person.  There are no automated “robots” answering our emails.

High Quality Equipment

Abrasive blast equipment should be easy to maintain.  Cyclone equipment is.  We design every item we produce to ease maintenance demand on customers.  Our equipment is manufactured to be long lasting, but every abrasive blasting system requires regular maintenance.  From dust collector filters to blasting nozzles our equipment is easy to replace and easy to afford.

Abrasive Blast Media

We supply white and brown aluminum oxide, a variety of glass bead options, silicon carbide, and blasting garnet.  Starting at 50 US pounds to pallet loads, we can supply what you need.

Free Rate Quotes

With a quick call or email we can provide a freight quote to anywhere.

Customer Support

Whether a pre-sales question or the unlikely product issue we are here to help.  Our trained staff knows our product line, how they are used, and how to correct any issues that may arise.

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