Sand Blasting Machine – Model 4826


Sandblasting Machine Highlights

A sandblasting machine is a useful tool for removing surface rust and other debris from almost any material.  These powerful machines can prepare surfaces for painting, bring new life to old items, and much more.  Further down is a full list of information and more details.

  • Made in USA:  Proudly engineered and assembled in Dowagiac, Michigan.  Many blast cabinets for sale are imported and lack the quality of our machines.  We form the steel, weld, paint, and perform quality checks all under our own roof.
  •  Fully Assembled:  Our cabinets do not require any assembly.  Other cabinets arrive in a flat box that you have to assemble with dozens of bolts.  Not only does that eat away your valuable time, but it will likely cause media leaks from the bolt holes.  Heavy parts can also make those cabinets less stable.  A Cyclone cabinet comes ready to blast.  Unbox, attach the air supply, add media and get to work!  And, it is welded top to bottom so it’s extremely steady and sturdy.
  • Flexible Abrasive Media Options:   As stated above, you are not limited to glass beads with a bead blaster.  It’s just a name.  Any of our blast systems are capable of garnet, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and more.  We never have and never will recommend sand because of the serious risk of silicosis.
  • Many Uses:  A sandblast cabinet is a flexible option for sandblasting.  It’s large chamber offers room for small pieces and large pieces as well.  The large top opening system makes it easier on the user to lift parts into the cabinet.  And for smaller pieces or quick adjustments, the large side door (right side) makes your work easier.


An ideally sized blast cabinet for a variety of applications.  The unit offers a powerful blast system controlled by a foot pedal.  One of our best blast cabinets.  Please see the “Description” and “Additional Information” tabs below for a full tour of the 4826.

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California Proposition 65 Compliance

WARNING:   This cabinet is constructed from steel.  In accordance with proposition 65 we are complying by indicating that steel has been known to contain Nickel.  Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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Sand Blasting Machine – Made in USA & Fully Assembled

The 4826 is one of the best sandblasting machines for sale today!  First, we construct the cabinet from 16 gauge welded steel.  Welds are superior to bolts because they won’t leak.  Second, we ship our 4826 sand blasting machine fully assembled.  It arrives, you unbox, connect air, add media, and get to work.  Next, welded steel is extremely sturdy.  We weld the cabinet legs directly to the cabinet.  We manufacture the legs from 1/8″ thick, 2″ x 2″ angle iron.  Many cheaper competitive sandblast machines arrive with “assembly required”.  As a result, you get dozens of bolts for legs, tops and doors and spend time assembling and sealing leaks.  Our machines contain the media inside the cabinet.

Sandblasting Machine Features

Included is a spring assist system making the full top open lid a breeze to open and close.  Next, a safety valve comes installed that shuts off air when the lid is open.  Also, the 4826 blast cabinet comes standard with a trigger operated sandblast gun and ceramic nozzle.  If you prefer a foot pedal operated system, we can easily upgrade the blast cabinet for you.  Wonder what system is best for you?  Read our short post about sandblasting guns here.

Sand Blasting Machine Chamber

The 4826 sandblasting machine has plenty of room for parts.  Whether you are blasting small to large pieces.  You access the large chamber via the large full top opening.  Once inside, the interior is 48″ wide, 26″ high, and 26″ deep (front to back).  Why a full opening lid?  First, with a full opening top, you do not have to lift parts as far off the ground. Additionally, a large convenient side door on the right side provides easy access to the chamber.

The side door is located on the right side of the cabinet.  The side door is constructed of the same steel as the blast cabinet.  This means it will close tight, will not bend or bow, and will not leak.  It is reinforced as well to provide a confident close and seal every time.  A side door is convenient when loading parts or making adjustments to parts already inside the chamber.  The overall size and flexible openings on sandblasting cabinet make it a great addition to the home shop or commercial enterprise.

Additional Machine Features

The 4826 sandblasting machine features overside glove openings for your hands and arms.  First, our openings are oval shape.  As a result, these give the user the ability to move their arms during blasting.  Next, access through the ports is provided by comfortable rubber sandblast gloves that protect your hands.  In addition, with the long gloves you easily reach around inside the sandblasting cabinet without opening the lid.

The cabinet includes a light, a receptacle and on/off switch.  This switch controls the light and additional receptacle.  We provide this receptacle for the included sandblast dust collector. Therefore, you control the entire sandblasting cabinet with one easy on/off switch location on the cabinet.  Finally, the easy open lid interacts with an air cut off safety valve.  Consequently, if the lid is open, the valve cuts the air to the sandblast gun, thus reducing the risk of user injury.

Sand blasting Machine Dust Collector

The 4826 sandblaster includes our powerful DC-1500 sandblast dust collector. The DC-1500 produces a powerful 90 CFM and works to keep visibility clear inside the blast cabinet.  Certainly, better visibility means that you keep your eyes on the work instead of a media cloud.  The DC-1500 includes a set of filters designed to prolong the life of the motor.  It is easily cleaned when the time comes for doing so.

Flexible Abrasive Media Choices

This sand blasting machine handles abrasives like white or brown aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, or blasting garnet.  We supply a full catalog of abrasive media.  We do not recommend steel shot and under no circumstances should you ever silica sand or any sand in a sandblaster cabinet.  Read about the dangers of using sand in an abrasive blasting cabinet here:  Sandblasting Safety

WARNING:   California’s proposition 65 requires that we indicate that our cabinets are constructed from steel.  Proposition 65 indicates that steel has been known to contain Nickel.  Nickel is a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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