Silicon Carbide Grit

Silicon Grit Abrasive Blast Media Overview

Silicon carbide is the toughest abrasive media we offer.  This abrasive media is fast cutting and because it is hard it can be reused many times before discarding.  Hard and sharp means it works fast.  Used for etching and carving of hard metals and stone.  It can also be used for frosting and etching glass.

Our silicon grit abrasive media is sold in increments of 50 US pounds.  Next, when you are ready to order click the image and then select the desired grit size .  With just your shipping address we provide a quote on any size order.

Silicon Carbide Grit For Sale

We offer the following grit sizes:

  • 24 Grit
  • 80 Grit
  • 100 Grit
  • 180 Grit

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Health and Safety WARNING


Glass Bead Media Safety

Throughout our site we use the term sandblasting or some variation. We use the word “sand” because it is a familiar term to our customers. However, the word sandblasting is as old as the industry itself, and refers to the sand used decades ago.  Most importantly, there are many dangers with actual sand in blasting.  Too many in fact to list.  Above all, we advise against using ANY SAND in your cabinet or blasting process – ever.

NEVER use silica sand or any silica based media in ANY blast cabinet.  We offer a broad variety of abrasive blast media specific for your project. Exposure to this silica is known to causes severe and often fatal damage to lung tissue. Therefore, DO NOT ever use silica sand in abrasive blast equipment. Again, we simply DO NOT recommend using sand in a “sandblasting” cabinet – there are too many safer alternatives.