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Every company has an about us section.  With ours, we want you to know all about Cyclone because our customers are our partners.  As a family business trust is important within and outside our company.  For forty plus years we continually innovate equipment in the abrasive blasting industry.  Most importantly, we do it affordably!  Our staff is part of the community in Dowagiac, Michigan.  Located in beautiful Southwest Michigan, our facility manufactures high quality abrasive sandblasting cabinets, dust collectors, and other equipment.  


We design and produce all our cabinets and dust collectors.  As a result, our products are truly made in the USA.  Even more, we have amazing people from the local community who weld, seal, assemble and paint.  As a result, we produce the best high quality sand blast equipment.  Additionally, we inspect each item prior to shipping.  Therefore, we assure that send you the highest-quality equipment and make sure it is ready to use on arrival.

Dust Collectors

Cyclone produces sandblasting equipment, sometimes called bead or media blasters.  Furthermore, we manufacture the best American made dust collectors and extractors.  These dust collectors can accompany an abrasive blasting cabinet or be used in workshops and sandblast rooms.  Learn more about our dust collectors here.

Sandblaster Parts and Accessories

We carry an entire catalog of affordable parts for our blasting cabinets.  Browse them here.

Abrasive Media

What good is an abrasive blasting cabinet without the abrasive media?  Seems like it might be like an airplane without wings!  Because of this, we carry a full line of safe alternatives to sand such as glass bead, white and brown aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide.  Read more about our abrasives here.

High quality components means your products last longer.

Affordable pricing because we control the entire production process.

Excellent and responsive customer service, we want to know you by name.

Distributors and Direct Sales

Convenience.  Flexibility.  Affordability.

Producing high quality abrasive sandblasting equipment is our priority.  Above all, we do it affordably and with great customer service.  Because of this, we deliver the best.  Our local community provides our talent and with their hard work we deliver the best sand blast equipment and make it affordable and budget friendly.


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