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Sandblasting Media Guide

Sandblasting Media Guide | Abrasive Media Guide

Blast Media Types

Most familiar with sandblasting understand the complexity that goes with the abrasive media involved. There are many blast media types available and each has a set of specific uses and characteristics. When you are sandblasting material, you want to make sure it is done correctly. Specific abrasive media can be used where another type cannot. Here we provide some basic information about abrasive blasting media. Feel free to contact us with questions specific to your project. With a little information from you we can quickly help with any questions you have. While not a comprehensive sandblasting media guide, we hope most find it useful.

Mesh Size Chart | Micron Size Chart

Easily to use mesh size chart and micron size chart.

The tables below provide grit to micron, micron to grit, and convert microns to inches for various grit sizes.

Grit to Micron | Sieve Size Chart





4 3.5 5600~4750 0.187 (nom.)
5 4 4750~4000 0.157
6 5 4000~3350 0.132
7 6 3350~2800 0.111
8 7 2210 0.087 (av.)
10 8 1854 0.073
12 10 1600 0.063
14 12 1346 0.053
16 14 1092 0.043
20 16 940 0.037
24 20 686 0.027
30 25 559 0.022
36 30 483 0.030
46 40 356 0.014
54 45 305 0.012
60 50 254 0.010
70 60 203 0.008
80 70 165 0.0065
90 80 145 0.0057
100 100 122 0.0048
120 120 102 0.0040
150 140 89 0.0035
180 170 76 0.0030
220 200 63 0.0025

Micro Grit Conversion Chart





240 200 50- 53.5 0.00200
280 40.5- 44.0 0.00154
320 32.5- 36.0 0.00122
360 25.8- 28.8
400 20.6- 23.6 0.00087
500 16.7- 19.7 0.00075
600 13.0- 16.0 0.00063
700 0.00055
800 9.8- 12.3 0.00047
900 0.00035
1000 6.8- 9.3 0.00028
1200 4.5- 6.5
CF1 48 0.00189
F 40 0.00160
FF 33 0.00130
FFF (Coarse) 25 0.00099
FFF 19 0.00075
FFFF 11 0.00043

Mesh to Micron?

Don’t be confused by mesh to micron, microns to grit, or trying to convert microns to inches. Let us help!

How is Grit Measured?

Abrasive Grit & Sieve Sizes

What is abrasive grit anyway?

Basically it tells you how aggressive the media is. The more aggressive the grit, the abrasive media, the more work it can perform on the surface. We go into this in extreme detail in this article. Cyclone abrasives are listed by grit. However, the question, “How is grit measured” is easy when you can see how it converts to other units. Some prefer to convert grit to micron and others micron to grit. This is the purpose of the tables above, easily convert between the two. These charts are also often referred to as a sieve size chart.

Sieve Sizes

For grit sizes below 240, physical screens can be used to measure grit. Sieve sizes vary and depending upon the number of screens per inch. For example, the red image shows 20 screens per inch. There are more technical resources on this topic, but basically the holes in the sieve screens are 0.0331 inches. Abrasive grit articles that pass through that screen must be, of course, smaller than that diameter fall through. Some particles go through some do not. Therefore a grit number represents a range of particle sizes.

Sandblasting Media Guide: Sandblast Media Chart

When it comes to sandblasting material, a specific type of media might be useful for some. Sieve sizes, microns, all the terms can be complex. However, it really comes down to an easy to follow sandblasting media chart. We hope it lays out sandblasting media in an easy to understand format. A popular question is “What is the best sandblasting media for rust removal?” And of course, the answer is – “It depends.” How thick is the rust, what type of pattern do you want left, what type of blasting system do you have? It is difficult to give an exact answer without details. So, we encourage you to contact us and we can help determine the best media choice for your specific situation.

Media Type Uses Popular Grit Sizes Shape
Brown Aluminum Oxide Etching, Paint Removal, Surface Preparation 80-100 Angular
White Aluminum Oxide Etching, Honing, Polishing, Surface Preparation 240 Angular
Glass Beads All purpose abrasive, frosting glass, demurring 40-325 Round
Silicon Carbide Etching hard metals & stone, frosting & etching 24-100 Sharp
Blasting Garnet Surface cleaning & Light Deburring 55 Sub-Angular

Sandblaster Media | Sandblasting Sand for Sale

Even in our sandblasting media guide, we get a lot of grief on this one. If it’s called a sandblaster, why don’t you have sandblaster sand for sale? It is known to be a health hazard. Silicosis is a condition in the lungs that is a very serious concern. We have never and will never recommend sand as an abrasive in a blast cabinet. Despite the lack of silica in some sand, we prefer to avoid it altogether. We do offer alternatives to sandblasting sand. No abrasive is safe – always read the manuals, always read and understand the risks, and remember you are always ultimately responsible for your own health and safety.

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